PARTYBOXGREETING: Elevating Gift Cards… Literally!

(No matter who or where you are.)


Event bringing good people together for good causes.

Our “elevator pitch.”


Using the typical “same ol’ – same ol'” approach when sending gift cards to family, friends, and business associates.


The “check-out” portal at your favorite website just changed for the better!

Stand head & shoulders above ordinary and use our “break-out-of-the-box” approach when sending your gift cards nationwide.

Unique makes you extraordinary…

At Its Core,
PBG & BB Is An Innovative,
Gift Card Delivery Method
Combined With Our
Patented Balloon Buddies Product,
Filled With Great Treats, And
Attached To A Helium-Filled Mylar Balloon

Balloon Buddies Are:
• Patented, Licensed or Original Character Designs
• Suspend with mylar helium-filled balloon, tethered to a matching base that’s filled with candy, gum balls, jelly beans, cross-promotional products
• Exponential growth opportunities in license, product line proliferation, brand expansion, ad hoc and specialty advertising opportunities
• Perfect for ANY balloon event, Holiday, or attention-getting business opportunity
• Endless cross-promotional product tie-in ops: M&M’s, Jelly Belly’s, Hershey’s

Unlike any other product and delivery method, PartyBoxGreetings & Balloon Buddies combine the element of surprise and joy. You can now choose PBG when sending a gift card to friends, business associates and loved ones. It’s simple to do, after purchasing a gift card through one of your favorite gift card websites (like PBG, Disney, Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, Toys R Us, etc.), select PBG as your new, exciting and inventive alternative to boring package delivery.

Choose from your favorite site.

Choose from your favorite site.


Imagine: You who are parents & grandparents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles thinking of their loved ones; also, business associates thinking of their prospective and treasured clients, all choosing PartyBoxGreetings. Sending “very special deliveries,” city-to-city, state-to-state and across country is just 1-click away. Now, imagine smiling faces everywhere; happy to receive their “very special gift.
YOU helped make it happen! 🙂

Industry Facts & Figures


$110 billion in value are loaded on gift cards in the US alone
Over 90% of US Consumers purchase or receive a gift card
Average of $213/year on gift cards (consumer spend)
• 83% of corporations use gift & prepaid cards
Only 7% Non-Gift Card Users in 2014, down from 27% in only 2 years

Source: Accenture, 2014.

Source: Accenture, 2014.

Milestones & Goals

Following our successful INDIEGOGO campaign, we will meet all obligations to contributors and complete our solid business platform, including licensing agreements & partnerships with the most popular websites offering gift cards.

Tremendous product proliferation inherently resides in the exponential licensing opportunities, and vast Balloon Buddies character scenario development — including all event-based and thematic celebrations. Agreements with endless partner websites further company growth.

Elevator Pitch Conclusion

PartyBoxGreetings makes sending a GIFT CARD count more than ever before!

How it works… Order gift card at favorite website, Choose PBG delivery with BB + Filler, Very happy recipient receives your gift. Simple as that.

PBG Illustrated Step-By-Step

PBG Illustrated Step-By-Step

We are committed…

We are committed to bringing a product that delivers JOY to friends and loved ones, no matter where they live. In our video posted below, you can see our PartyBoxGreetings packaging that’s custom-designed to deliver a helium-filled mylar balloon along with a Gift Card, intact, with our Balloon Buddies product tethered to an inflated balloon. The Balloon Buddies base is filled with small treats, i.e., mini-m&m’s, mini chocolate bars, gumballs, jelly beans, etc. The instance kids or adults open their party box, their eyes light up with surprise and pure joy… such a great feeling to know you helped deliver.

On Board? : )

Please remember to:

The Power of Social Media! :)

The Power of Social Media! 🙂

You're just 1-click away from making someone's day!

You’re just 1-click away from making someone’s day!
The three PartyBoxGreetings videos presented on this page + the link to our website highlight more details about our products & services.

Endless Licensing Opportunities

Endless Licensing Opportunities

PartyBoxGreetings Is An Innovative
Add-On To Popular Gift Card Portals

Target: Availability @ Disney and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Availability @ Disney and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Availability @ iTunes and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Availability @ iTunes and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Available @ Toys R US and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Available @ Toys R US and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Available @ Starbucks and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Available @ Starbucks and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Availability @ Amazon and other major gift card selling websites.

Target: Availability @ Amazon and other major gift card selling websites.

Targeted Opportunities Are Nearly Endless

• Point-of-Sale e-Commerce sites
Amazon | Disney | Toys R Us | Starbucks | Nordstroms | 1800FLOWERS• Point-of-Sale Theme Parks
Disneyland | Walt Disney World | Universal Studios Hollywood/Florida• Point-of-Sale Party, Gift & Flower Shops
Hallmark | Party City | Teleflora• Ad hoc Sales Ops
Victoria’s Secret (Retail) Valentine’s Day Promo

Proudly Exhibiting @ Innovate!SoCal 2015

We are excited to participate and present PartyBoxGreetings at InnovateSoCal 2015 as an exhibitor. InnovateSoCal 2015 is a platform to showcase and connect today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs & innovators in the USA. Innovators who are dedicating themselves and their ventures to transform their industry, community and/or business practice. In fact, we’d love you to come and visit us at our booth, March 26, 2015.

The innovate!SoCal 2014 Conference was the first symposium that brought together disruptive thinkers in economic development to work together to find solutions to building the entrepreneur ecosystem in Southern California and beyond. The day features panels and renowned speakers sharing their perspectives on tools and models that help establish a powerful, self-sustaining, nurturing environment for high growth start-ups.

This prestigious event is sponsored by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The EMKF is dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation. In fact, Kauffman’s entrepreneurship work is national in scale and global in reach. Their entrepreneurship strategy supports entrepreneurs in the U.S. by expanding signature education programs, notably Founders School, FastTrac, and 1 Million Cups, and investing in proven education models. They also seek to foster start-up communities and develop challenges to spur entrepreneurial activity in select metropolitan areas.

“By casting a wider net to ensure the broadest possible participation in innovative entrepreneurship, as well as better understanding how entrepreneurs learn and grow their startups, SoCal is going to be a model for entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere, and a breeding ground for many of our country’s next great ventures.”Thom Ruhe, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, The Kauffman Foundation

With that said, our INDIEGOGO EVENT is aimed at a modest monetary target leading to the larger goal of PROOF OF CONCEPT (POC). POC may lead to, and is intended for a substantially higher investment offering.

Create Strength In Character & Reward

Some of the risks and challenges are obvious, some not. “To me, failure is not an option; in this case, I have immense staying power. Some call it strength, some say intestinal fortitude; in either case, it’s a lot like this scene from ROCKY BALBOA.” Vincent Medina, Managing Director, PartyBoxGreetings. Google Search Domination & Visibility Expert

PartyBoxGreetings Has Heart

“I have been and will continue to be a strong advocate for humane causes. Most recently, donating time and money to OceanConservancy and their quest to help the great sea manatees of Florida. I love children, dogs, sea life and elephants too. I believe it’s important to count our blessings and always try to reach out to others less fortunate than ourselves. My daily walks to the end of the jetty include the sights and sounds of ocean life. Lately, too many sea lion pups have been turning up sick… or, worst. 😦
I keep the whales, sea lions, dolphin and sea birds hotline on speed dial.
Vincent Medina, Managing Director, PartyBoxGreetings

Abraham Lincoln said it well: “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”

ABCs of Persuasion

(strength in perseverance & purpose)

…just be a little bit more human.” – Dan Pink

Itemizing the $15,000

The Targeted Sum will be applied to:

 • Balloon Buddies Product
• PartyBoxGreetings Gift Boxes

 • Website “go-live” Completion

• Mylar Balloons
• Helium
• Cords
• Ribbon
• Shipping Costs
• Taxes
• Fees paid to Kickstarter
• Rewards to All Contributors, etc.

Last, But Not Least


The Power of Social Media! :)

The Power of Social Media! 🙂

Risks & Challenges

“I have been in business for many years and have provided solutions for big businesses as well as mom & pop shops. Corporations like Chevron, Avery Dennison and Amgen.”Consistently, challenges are taken analytically with confidence, while applying ingenuity and vast resource & consensus, leading to well-founded conclusions. I also apply Six Sigma and hybrid Strategic Sourcing methodologies throughout creative, production and logistic processes.

“In addition, SEO and Google 1st Page Search Domination and Visibility Expertise and Real-Time Results fascinated me. So much so, I analyzed this as a project and process, then mastered it. You can test me… simply search: ‘Who is the Google Search Domination Expert?’ One of many search terms that will merit equal results. Why add this info here? Take a wild guess. ;)”

~ Vincent Medina, Managing Director, PartyBoxGreetings, Google Search Domination & Visibility Expert

Expert: Advertising + Process Improvement + Interactive Design + Marketing + Printing + Google Search Domination + SEO + Social Media

VINCENT MEDINA  |  310 251 9728  | Vincent@ArtfulMind.BIZ

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Front-to-Back Creative:

First Page Google Organic Online Search Engine Domination Visibility Creative Design Expert / Professional ArtfulMind.Biz / Vincent Medina | client interview / define scope | business aesthetics | identity / logo / style | branding | design | market analysis | online / print advertising | digital/soft goods product development | online/hard goods product development/distribution | market strategy | process improvement / implementation | metrics | result-driven methodology | website design | keyword analysis / infrastructure build-out / implementation | seo / visibility expertise |social media | smm | html

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